Vacancy Station provides the perfect one-stop shop to advertise and attract your ideal candidate for any role that you are recruiting for.

Advertising Jobs

You can advertise a job at any point, with posting a job and paying at check-out being available 24 hours a day. We ensure that the jobs are easily searched for within our search engine, by making some key fields mandatory such as salary, location and sector. This helps all potential candidates find your job opportunity quicker. 



To help your job promote your brand, you can create a profile page that also includes a logo and your logo can be added to your job. This is a great opportunity to explain more about your brand, company values and ethos. 

If you would like to add in a company video or have a bespoke image displayed on your profile page, please contact us and we are happy to help with these requests. 

Products and Pricing

All of our current job advertising and CV database access products and pricing can be found here at Product Pricing.