About us

Vacancy Station is a generalist job board covering the UK that has been created as the place to find your new job or employee.

We have tried to keep things easy to use, knowing that time is precious to advertise a job or look for your new job. Although we have tried to keep things straightforward, we have also tried to ensure that a comprehensive service is being provided.

Job Seekers 

To help make your job search easier, you can set up job alerts which creates an to be sent to you with the latest jobs being posted.

If you would like to be found, you can create a profile that your future employer can review and then they can make contact directly. You can also list your skills, achievements and qualifications, making it easier for employers to identify if you are potentially their future employee.


Clients can advertise a job at any point, with posting a job and paying at check-out being available 24 hours a day.  

To help your job promote your brand, you can create a profile page that also includes a logo and your logo can be added to your job. This is a great opportunity to explain more about your brand, company values and ethos. 


Make Contact 

The Vacancy Station team do like to hear any feedback, so please do drop us a line on the contact us page and we will try to help answer your questions.